Service Iver at Love Green Garage

We carry out servicing on all makes and models. From cars and supercars to light commercial and commercial vehicles.

Regular servicing is essential to maintain the key components on your vehicle, therefore prolonging the life of your vehicle or fleet. Even if your vehicle is low mileage or only travels short distances, this still puts strain on your vehicle’s engine oil and servicing is equally important.

Most manufacturers recommend servicing to be carried out every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever is soonest, but Love Green Garage can advise you on your specific vehicle’s requirements.

Service Iver

Just like us, your car requires a bit of TLC too!

Many components on your vehicle (especially the rubber components, such as Tyres, Timing/Auxiliary belts and Wiper Blades) deteriorate as well as age, that’s why it’s important to have your service carried out on time.

Maintain your manufacturer’s warranty!

We carry out service and maintenance work in accordance with manufacturer specification. This means that when your vehicle is serviced with us it maintains its manufacturer’s warranty.

See the importance of servicing here.

Service Iver:

  • We carry out service and repair work for all makes and models of car, supercar and light commercial vehicles.

  • Using the latest Bosch equipment, we provide computer engine management system diagnostics.

  • Our comprehensive records ensure we advise /remind you when maintenance is due.

  • We only use original parts or parts equivalent in quality to original equipment unless otherwise agreed.

  • Using the latest equipment and technology, we service your vehicle in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

  • We can plan services to coincide with your MOT test.

  • We can service Lease / Company vehicles

Our highly trained technicians carry out all work with pride.

For all your servicing requirements contact Love Green Garage, Iver.

Offering a range of garage services Iver: We’re small enough to care about every one of our customers, yet large enough to cope with urgent work and major vehicle repairs.

We have equal, if not more, technology than the franchise dealers. So, whether your vehicle is a Golf, Aston Martin or Ambulance, we can help with all of your vehicle MOT, Service/Repair and Maintenance requirements.