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Happy Easter! 🐰🐣


Travel with confidence when your vehicle is looked after by us!

Travel with confidence when your vehicle is looked after by us!

Travel with confidence when your vehicle is looked after by us!

We carry out service, diagnostic and repair work with the greatest pride and highest standards. So, you can travel with confidence when we look after your vehicle.

REMEMBER: You maintain your manufacturers warranty when your car is serviced with us.

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Wet Weather checklist:

Wet Weather checklist:


We never what the weather is really going to do, but it’s always important to ensure your vehicle is up for all eventualities.

Wet Weather checklist:
✅ Wiper Blades
✅ Tyre Tread (Stopping distances are significantly higher in wet weather)
✅ Ensure all your lights are working
✅ Watch out for large puddles and surface water

No need to fear… We are here! For all of your Vehicle maintenance, Service and Repair requirements contact us!


Is your Cam-Belt / Timing Belt due for replacement?

The Cam-Belt (aka Timing Belt) synchronises the crankshaft and the cam-shaft, so that the correct valve opens in relation to the piston stroke, at the correct time. This rubber belt can perish and wear over time, so each manufacturer recommends replacement on a time and or mileage based interval, which each comes soonest.

It’s worth checking your Cam-Belt history and if you’re ever in any doubt or would like some advice – Contact Us!


Happy Mother’s Day!


It’s that time of year again, time for the clocks to go forward.
Don’t forget the ones in your cars!


As we see the first hint of warm weather, is it that time of year we realise our A/C is not performing effectively?!

Keep cool this summer with and Air Conditioning service with us!

✅ Maintain efficiency
✅ Reduce harmful bacteria
✅ Fight unpleasant odours
✅ Keep it cool