Diagnostics Iver at Love Green Garage

We carry out vehicle diagnostics Iver – all makes and models

*FULL Jaguar / Land Rover Diagnostic Capabilities*

Diagnostics Iver:

At Love Green Garage we have brand specific diagnostic equipment and many years’ experience to investigate faults with your vehicle. Modern day motor vehicles are often packed with electronically controlled components and gadgets. Sadly this means they can go wrong.

How it works?

Your vehicle is covered in sensors which are constantly reporting back to the ECU(s) (Electronic Control Unit), through the CAN (Central Area Network). The CAN acts like the human central nervous system. The ECU(s) is like the brain. When a sensor stops reporting accurately or detects a malfunction it will report back to the ECU, often storing a fault code and/or illuminating a warning light.

It’s usually at this point that our highly trained technicians connect to your vehicle, through the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port to interrogate its fault memory. Faults stored within the vehicle’s ECU(s), are interpreted by our technicians and reported back to you with the best course of action.

This short video explains how the CAN (Central Area Network) communicates with the ECU (Electronic Control unit) in your vehicle.

Diagnostics Iver

Full Jaguar & Land Rover Diagnostic Capabilities – Love Green Garage, Iver

We now offer full Jaguar & Land Rover diagnostics.

Our experienced technicians and recently updated Jaguar/Land Rover main dealer equivalent equipment, allow us to fulfill all of your Jaguar & Land Rover diagnostic requirements.

Warning Light Diagnosis

Fault Interrogation

Key Programming

& More

At Love Green Garage we work on all makes and models of vehicle.

We can help out with all of your Diagnostic & Repair requirements.

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Offering a range of garage services Iver: We’re small enough to care about every one of our customers, yet large enough to cope with urgent work and major vehicle repairs.

We have equal, if not more, technology than the franchise dealers. So, whether your vehicle is a Golf, Aston Martin or Ambulance, we can help with all of your vehicle MOT, Service/Repair and Maintenance requirements.